Past Events

West Coast Aerospace Forum: Air and Space Power in a Multi-Domain World

Hosted ByThe RAND Corporation

Successful military operations in the modern age rely on the ability to effectively harness multi-domain capabilities, with information serving as the key lynchpin to put the right assets in place at the proper time to best achieve desired effects. This presents a new paradigm for the Department of Defense, one in which information stands as a co-equal to traditional elements of hardware—things like planes, ships, tanks, and satellites.

Time8:00 am - 3:30 pm
LocationRAND Corporation

Past Events

Small Satellites, Big Missions

A two-session event that highlighted and amplified awareness of the implications of emerging space technologies, particularly those provided by smaller space systems. The panel presentations examined implications from the perspective of both changes in the way space missions are executed and in the way that transportation to space is provided.

Time2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
LocationCenter for Strategic and International Studies

Ultra-Low-Cost Access to Space: What it Means and When it’s Coming

In this video, CSIS experts Todd Harrison and Andrew Hunter explore the unique trends in low-cost access to space, identify key opportunities for further cost reductions and policies needed to spur innovation, and explore new military missions that would be enabled if these trends lead to significant reductions in the cost of access to space.

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