More than just fixing the rules: regulating for innovation

Photo Credit: NASA
U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas), chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee’s is correct to call for a “fundamental rethinking about commercial remote sensing.” But remote sensing is only one area of space policy Congress needs to address. A variety of new space technologies are emerging in the U.S. space industry, and policymakers should look for ways to facilitate this innovation and make these technologies more accessible to civil, commercial, and military space customers. The Center for Strategic and International Studies published a report in March that addresses several areas of U.S. space regulatory policy in need of improvement and provides recommendations to develop a streamlined and minimally burdensome regulatory process to address the full spectrum of commercial space missions and capabilities beyond just commercial remote sensing.

At the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)…

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