Integrating Strike and Defense

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DateJune 21, 2017
Time8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Address1616 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036Map

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Adversary missile forces represent one of the most pressing threats to the power projection capabilities of the U.S. military. Ballistic, cruise, and air defense missile systems can be used to hold U.S. bases and platforms at risk and deny the U.S. military access to and freedom of action within contested areas. Restoring the United States’ ability to operate within a denied environment requires a high degree of integration among offensive and defense capabilities, from stealthy aircraft that can penetrate enemy air defenses and strike time-sensitive mobile targets to air and missile defense systems that can protect U.S. forces operating in theater. In 2013, the Joint Staff published Integrated Air and Missile Defense: Vision 2020, which laid out a plan to integrate across capabilities and to develop new concepts, tactics, and training.

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Conference Agenda:


7:45     Registration and Breakfast

8:00     The BMD Review: Missile Defense Challenges and Opportunities
Part of the Mitchell Institute’s Strategic Deterrence Breakfast Series

Lt. Gen. Trey Obering, USAF (ret.)
Q&A moderated by Peter Huessy, Mitchell Institute

9:00     Morning Keynote
Chris Ford, National Security Council
10:00     Coffee Break

10:15     Panel: Missile Defense as an Enabler for Offensive Strike

Rick Glitz, JIAMDO
Tom Karako, CSIS
Mara Karlin, Johns Hopkins SAIS
Tom Ehrhard, Long Term Strategy Group
Bob Martinage, CSBA

Q&A moderated by Todd Harrison, CSIS

11:45     Lunch Break

12:15     Afternoon Keynote

Randy Forbes, Naval War College

1:00     Adjourn

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