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Assessing Threats to Space Systems

Space is simultaneously a powerful enabler for the United States and a critical vulnerability. U.S. national security space systems are vulnerable to a wide range of threats, ranging from cyberattacks and jamming to direct-ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles. CSIS’ Space Threat Assessment 2018 and the Secure World Foundation’s Global Counterspace Capabilities provide assessments of the open-source […]

Time4:30pm - 6:00pm
LocationThe Center for Strategic and International Studies

Unusual Behavior in GEO: Luch (Olymp-K)

Unlike most objects in the geostationary belt, Russian satellite Olymp-K has made a series of orbital maneuvers, widely varying its position in GEO. Use this interactive data repository to discover Olymp-K’s movements over time.

GPS Jamming in the Arctic Circle

Some airports in the Arctic Circle have reported GPS signal outages during military exercises in the region. Norway has blamed Russia for these occurrences, citing concerns of active GPS jamming. Use this interactive map to learn more.

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