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Defense Against the Dark Arts in Space

Analysts will discuss methods to protect space systems from counterspace weapons, including active and passive defenses, strategy and policy measures, and diplomatic initiatives. Moderated by Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director – Secure World Foundation Featuring: David Edmonson, Policy Head, Space Security and Advanced Threats – British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, Director of the […]

Time1:00pm ET

A Space Force is Worth the Price

We should not wait for a Pearl Harbor in space to realize we need to reorganize and elevate space as a co-equal branch of the military. Just as the Air Force was worth the disruption and additional costs more than 70 years ago, a Space Force is worth the price today.


Why We Need a Space Force

Space capabilities are already an indispensable component of U.S. military power. A Space Force is needed to consolidate authority and responsibility for national security space; to build a robust cadre of space professionals; and to avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in the other Services that have short-changed space programs for decades.

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