Counterspace Timeline, 1959 – 2020

This repository of counterspace weapons data is comprised of tests, technology demonstrations, and unusual behaviors first identified in our annual Space Threat Assessment report series.

Past Events

The Dark Arts in Space: Developments in Counterspace Weapons

Please join analysts from CSIS and the Secure World Foundation as they discuss their latest reports on counterspace weapons and threats to space systems. Moderated by Kaitlyn Johnson, Deputy Director of Aerospace Security Project Featuring: LtCol Joe Moye, CMC Executive Fellow to CSIS Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director for Secure World Foundation Brian Weeden, Director […]

Time1:00pm ET

GPS Jamming in the Arctic Circle

Some airports in the Arctic Circle have reported GPS signal outages during military exercises in the region. Norway has blamed Russia for these occurrences, citing concerns of active GPS jamming. Use this interactive map to learn more.

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